Article Topic SEO Techniques that can drive more traffic to your ecommerce site

The SEO services in Sri Lanka are always in the lookout to provide the best possible results for each user’s query. Users are less inclined to use the search engine again if they fail on this front. However, Google excels at this, which is why they are the world’s largest search engine — by a long shot!

Potential users are likely to return to the SERPs and click on another result if your website appears untrustworthy, outdated, amateurish, or slow to load. You’ve lost a user and a possible conversion, and the bounce rate on the affected pages will rise.

Have you ever heard the phrase “web content formatting”? We need to go one step further and optimize material for readability if we want to improve our organic results.

So, how can you make your content easier to read? The following formatting suggestions can assist improve your content’s readability:

Make high-quality content: First and foremost, if your writing isn’t up to snuff, you’re wasting your time worrying about any of the items below. Great ideas, compelling delivery, and error-free language and spelling are all important.
Shorter paragraphs: Each paragraph should be no more than 3-4 sentences long. If necessary, utilize one-sentence paragraphs, but do it sparingly or your message will resemble a grocery list. Because a paragraph is made up of related sentences that support a single major idea, breaking up a paragraph might cause your notion to become fractured and your message to be lost.
Long sentences are difficult to follow on a computer or mobile device, but when used sparingly especially when paired with shorter phrases they can function well.
Photos/screenshots: While we’re on the subject of photographs, most articles should include numerous images or screenshots to demonstrate the points, numbers, or steps you’re talking about. The more photos you provide, the more intricate the idea is.
When you have a lot of material — stats, facts, thoughts, and examples — in one paragraph, listing them with bullet points (like this one!) makes it easier to read.
High bounce rates are frequently the result of poor usability and an unpleasant user experience (UX). Unfortunately, it’s difficult to highlight UX issues because they differ so much from one site to the next.

A/B testing is a scientific, data-driven technique to test websites for optimum usability and engagement, and Optimizely, the world’s premier experimentation platform, specializes in it. A/B testing involves showing different versions of a web page to users at random, comparing them to a control page (usually the current website), and then analyzing the results.

Optimize by Google Analytics, on the other hand, aids marketers in increasing engagement and conversions. Google Optimize’s free edition is a streamlined, user-friendly tool that streamlines A/B testing and employs powerful modeling to boost engagement and focused experiences. But probably the most compelling feature of Google Optimize is that it works in tandem with Google Analytics, allowing marketers to maximize their existing resources.

Marketers can leverage existing Analytics metrics as a starting point with Google Optimize. As kids begin to do more complex tests, they will be able to rely on a familiar interface.

Google recognized the importance of performance characteristics like site speed for users a decade ago, and incorporated it as a ranking factor – site speed can now make or break your site’s performance in Google’s search results.

Using structured data increases the likelihood that your information will be used to answer a voice query rather than a competitor’s.

E-commerce SEO services can employ numerous different sorts of structured data (also known as Schema markup). Both aid Google’s understanding of a page’s subject and themes. This, in turn, may aid in the improvement of rankings.

The type of content you publish will be entirely determined by your target audience. The more you know about them — their location, age, interests, and so on — the better material you’ll be able to develop for them (and the better your SEO).

What is food waste management?

This is why effective and efficient food waste management is necessary for any business in the hospitality industry, which will help to reduce costs as well as the negative impact on the environment.

Managing your food waste is not that difficult, and everyone on the staff should be aware of the consequences and practices to minimize waste, from the Head Chef to the junior apprentice in his chef shirt and skull caps, who is perhaps responsible for the task of garbage disposal. It is only when everyone is in tune with one set process that you will be able to minimize waste and reduce costs in your establishment.

Here are a few ways that you can reduce food waste:

Waste audits – A regular waste audit is a necessity so that you are aware of how much food gets wasted every day and can take measures to minimize this. This helps you place a monetary figure on your waste.
Maintain a waste journal – Maintaining a waste journal is one of the best ways to keep track of your trash, and how much it is costing you. This should be carried out by the staff on a daily basis, so that you have an exact record of what is being thrown out, and then you can proceed to check on why.
No over-prepping – One of the main causes of food waste is over prepping. Your head chef should be able to forecast what the demand will be and prep accordingly, rather than over prepping and then throwing it all away when not used.
Reduce spoilage – Spoilage of stored items can be minimized if the First-In-First-Out method is used, rather than using products in an ad hoc manner. In this case, storage should be carried out in a methodical manner, arranging the newly received items in the back.
Proper storage of food – Improperly storing food items can result in them getting spoiled or contaminated and hence becoming unusable. Follow strict procedures regarding storage of food according to health and safety guidelines.
Provide training – All staff should be given proper training with regard to food waste and management, storage of food etc so that they are all aware of the costs involved.

Structural defects to look for during a home inspection

This is why it is important to carry out a home inspection in Sydney before making the final decision. Such inspections will detect structural issues, electrical and plumbing problems, roof and ceiling problems, issues with the HVAC system etc, and will be able to save you a lot of money in terms of repair and replacement costs later on.

The structural integrity of the home you are hoping to buy is a vital aspect, because it can pose a safety hazard to the occupants. Here are some structural defects to look for during a building inspection in Sydney.

Water damage at the foundation level.
Trees growing close to the home which could cause the soil level to rise above the foundation.
Cracks in the foundation that may be due to structural failure.
Defects in the structural framing.
Uneven floors that indicate improper construction of the building.
Uneven walls caused by movements in the foundation.
A sagging roof that indicates issues with the roofing or the structural foundation.
Foundation problems that may cause structural failure.
Termite or other wood pest infestations that could cause problems for the structure of the house by making it weaker.
Water penetration and moisture that results in structural problems.

Such structural issues can be very expensive to repair, which is an unnecessary cost to bear so soon after investing in a new home. In addition, it would be dangerous for you and your family to live in such a house. This is why a pre-purchase home inspection in Sydney is vital, to safeguard your investment, as well as to gain you bargaining power over the contract.

The Best Way To Organise Buying Christmas Presents Is?

It may feel like it is some distance away yet, but Christmas is really not far off. There is a common problem which people find when it comes to Christmas shopping which is working out how to get everything quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to run all over the city ducking in and out of shops or pootling around soulless shopping centres rapidly losing your sense of Christmas cheer with every pushchair that rolls over your ankle.

The best way to organise your Christmas shopping is to decide what you are buying everyone first, breaking all the gifts down into categories based on where you buy them and then going to each location just once so you never have to go back the way you have come. Here are some examples:

Christmas Stationery

Before you have even made your list of gifts you will probably want to send out Christmas cards. To do this you need to find your nearest stationery shop and buy all your cards, envelopes and address labels. While you are there you should sneakily buy all your wrapping paper, Avery labels and ribbons so you don’t have to come back to buy any more stationery for the present wrapping. Alternatively you could order online and have this all delivered.


You may be planning to buy for people who like electronics, in which case planning a trip to a nice big electronics store would be ideal. Computer accessories can be expensive so buying things like games and electronic guitars and ink cartridges for printers from a big store may help you save money. While you are there maybe you could buy some blank CDs and make up playlist CDs for friends as a special gift?

Alternatively you could order online and have this all delivered.


Books are great present especially when you make a selection which really suits the recipient or is something you have read and know that they will like. Book shops are a gold mine for gifts and you should be able to get a lot of gifts here all at once. Alternatively you could order online and have this all delivered.


Is Toys R Us still around? If so then there or something like that should be able to sort you out with all your younger relatives’ gifts even some of the big kids. Now, if only there was some place you could find, order and have delivered all your Christmas gifts so you never even needed to go out and visit the shops…

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