Is There an App for That Presentation?

In these challenging times what business can afford to pass up any opportunity to connect with potential customers? The advent of tablet computer technology has undoubtedly opened the door to new presentation opportunities.

The demand for presentations to be designed specifically for tablet devices has dramatically increased over recent months. Companies are looking for alternative ways to communicate their messages and the results have been positive across a number of industry sectors. Of course presenting with a use of a tablet means you don’t need to worry about taking a projector and ensuring there is a screen.

Tablet presentations tend to be much less formal more conversational affairs. Often the audience will end up holding the device in their own hand and browsing through the slides. Closing business is far easier, the sales process feels more advisory and much less hard sell

But it is important that when you are creating a presentation for a tablet that you think about a number of different aspects before you jump in. Really, there are two main areas to consider when planning a tablet based presentation, these are creation and delivery.

How and what you plan to deliver your presentation, governs how you will create it. Design has never been more important, tiny text and detailed diagrams just won’t be visible on a smaller screen on a tablet device. Ensure your presentation has the correct company branding so it matches the style, look and feel of the rest of your company documentation. It is important that you keep your messages simple and clear so it is easily communicated to the audience.

Memory hungry applications will quickly consume battery life and system resources, therefore it is best to avoid them to prevent your presentation coming to an abrupt halt.

It’s a little known fact, not all presentation software is compatible with all devices. Will your presentation play on your weapon of choice? If, for example, you own a shiny new iPad but your presentation was created in Flash or PowerPoint then the answer is, probably not. Therefore it is important that you test your presentation beforehand so you have time to make the necessary changes and you are not left making last minute updates, which could impact upon the design.

I have seen that having experience of both the current technology and the most successful design strategies have resulted in presentations which will really help to captivate your audience and increase your sales success.

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