What if Giving a Presentation Were Easy?

Recently on the “Apprentice” Television Show with Donald Trump we saw someone get fired for a lousy presentation. She actually pronounced the companies name wrong? Of course those executives from that company hearing this literally cringed, yes on TV. She of course tried to blame the others as usual “Blame Game” politics in the boardroom with Donald Trump, yet for some reason it appears to be a lesson there. No matter what the presentation is paramount and like Zig Ziglar says; “Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something.” Yet we all know that giving a presentation is not easy, you must be an absolute perfectionist and know your product or service better than any other and have done some comprehensive research on the company you are presenting too. This is a good thing as it weeds out the weak, ill prepared and those who are weak in performance and rewards those who are at the top of their game, which is the person who should get the job anyway, right?

Well, what if giving a presentation were easy? What if anyone could pull it off perfect every time? What if it took little if any preparation to do? What if getting in front of hardliners, detractors and pessimists were easy? Would be all be better served or would it make us weaker? What if a half-ass presentation were acceptable and we lowered our standards and allowed poor presentations with being critical? Would anyone be better served or should we leave things the way they are and make people perform and let the best person win? Think on it next time you have to give a presentation.

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